What is Your Favorite Fish?

Trout are by far my favorite, but some people like bass fishing. These fish are completely different, trout give a stronger pull, but bass have to be jigged in order to bite the line. One day I'll probably prefer bass fishing if I go deep sea fishing and have a feel for the stronger fish(Marlin!), in the meantime…


Welcome to my blog, on fishing, kayaking, hunting, and general outdoor life! I'd like to say that if you follow along, I'll be able to teach you a thing or two, but I'll pretty much just come here to vent spout out nonsense about my life here in Tennessee. Follow along if you want to, if not, buzz off!

About Me

Hey there, my name is Drake, and I live in Knoxville Tennessee. Although much of my life has been a bit of a buzz, moving from one city to the next (I'm a military brat), my old man got stationed up here long enough for me to build a life. I'm glad he did, because one of the passions that I have really embraced is…